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Our Farm

Our Farm- the ideal Starting Point

Our farm is ideally situated for the best walking and hiking tours in the dolomites, for relaxing in the green and enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain landscapes.
In spring there are numerous trails, which take you to the first flowers of the valley. In summer you might go up on our beautiful alpine pastures or enjoy the climbing season of the dolomites summits, part of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage. In autumn the beautiful colours of nature will inspire your soul and in winter we can offer you great, untouched landscapes, toboggan runs, cross-country ski runs and a small ski area for beginners in the valley.

After each tour you will love to turn back to Ganoi farm- your home for a while.

Organic Farm and Holiday Oasis

As we sincerely care for the environment and for our future generations we manage our farm respecting biological criteria: We work mainly with a small herd of suckler cow husbandry and organic beef production.
Moreover we enjoy cultivating our garden, orchards and fields. Animal welfare and closeness to nature are very important to us. It is our concern to create an appealing retreat for your holiday.

Families, people seeking peace and quiet as well as active holidaymakers are welcome.
For our little guests we offer plenty of space for movement and the pleasure to experience nature and the world of our animals. We are happy to help you with words and deeds when you plan suitable tours or an evening in the restaurants of the area. It is also a pleasure for us to supply you with healthy delicacies from our farm or other local producers.

Ganoi Farm is the perfect starting point to discover the breathtaking Dolomites Mountains and landscape in all four seasons.

Farm History

Vacation stays on a farm? It has not always been like this... The history of our farm goes back at least 700 years. In 1288 A.D. the "Hof ze Galinay" is mentioned for the first time in written sources and it seems to be obvious that the name comes from the word "collina", the hill next to the farm.

An interesting detail from the farm history is the time of the pagan farms (in German: Heidenhöfe) to which also the Ganoi farm belonged. The legend says that the inhabitants of those farms refused Christianity for a long time and tried to keep their old traditions and believes.

In 1869 the Profanter family acquired the Ganoi farm and has worked and lived on it for 5 generations. Until the middle of the 20th century the mountain farmers of South Tyrol were more or less self-sufficient. That meant a lot of hard work for the extended family. However, there was at least enough food for every family member.

After the war grandfather Josef returned home from a long time of fighting and captivity and together with his wife Ida he took over the farm. In addition he founded a building business.
In the 60s the first farms started to open for tourism and to gain an additional income by renting simple rooms to guests. Also on Ganoi farm the first holidaymakers were welcomed in those times.

Josef's oldest son Paul has run the farm for a long time, even before he became the official owner of the property. After a long period of dairy farming he switched to suckler cow husbandry, joined a cooperative and had the farming certified as organic.

Together with his wife Irmgard Paul has also developed the guest business and created an attractive holiday resort fort he nature loving guest.

Junior farmer Georg is going to run the farm from 2020 on. Many of our guests have lovely memories of their stay with us and come back several times. We'd love to welcome you to spend your holiday with us and let the unique natural beauty of our environment affect you.

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Organic Farm
Organic Farm

As we sincerely care for the environment and for our future generations we manage our farm respecting biological criteria: We work mainly with a small herd of suckler cow husbandry and organic beef production.


Don't hesitate to try the tasty products of our farm. Depending on the season we process with love what nature gives us. You can buy fruit jam, eggs, syrups and, depending on the season, vegetables and herbs directly here.


The meat on the grill plate: kept in a natural way of life, our young cattle grow and thrive on the farms of the cooperative members of BIOREGIO. You can get your meat: only with a reservation 1 month befor your stay.

Renting items
Renting items

We will be happy to lend you some equipment so that you are ready for the little and big adventures around our farmhouse. In the Dolomite Valley Villnoess/Val di Funes you can also find rental shops equipped with a wide range of outdoor products, such as high-quality e-bikes. The bike will be directly delivered to our accommodation so that you can start your trip. We will be happy to help you plan your trip. Lending items: Snow Shoes, Shoe Claws, Children's carries, Hiking Sticks, Torches, Hammocks, Yogamat, Isomat, Picnicblanket, Outdoor gaming material, Games and Books

E-bike rental

Rent your e-bike from our partner.

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